PIMEX MailExpress, Advanced Edition

PIMEX MailExpress, Advanced Edition 4.02

PIMEX MailExpress is one of the world's leading bulk e-mail...

PIMEX MailExpress is one of the world's leading bulk e-mail software packages which gives you a powerful and efficient way to reach your customers and contacts via e-mail.

It's perfect for individuals or businesses sending out newsletters, business notices and other essential information in text or HTML format. Each message can be personalized using a simple template, so all addressees will receive letters intended for them only.

Messages can be previewed and edited before they are sent out. Every e-mail job can be interrupted and restarted at any time. If there are any delivery failures, the program will resend messages simply with one mouse click.

The program imports lists of e-mail addresses with optional parameters in text or CSV format, and requires a SMTP Server (hosted by most Internet Service Providers).

The Advanced Edition of PIMEX MailExpress will import and send up to 20,000 e-mails at a time, send file attachments (unlimited amount), BCC every e-mail to up to 100 destinations (using the BCC method), and Backup/Restore program workspace which will allow managing multiple mailing lists, e-mail accounts, and message settings.

PIMEX MailExpress, Advanced Edition


PIMEX MailExpress, Advanced Edition 4.02

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  • by Anonymous

    LOVE the free version so I will order the upgrade soon!.
    I'm sure if the upgrade Advanced is as good as the FREE...   More